Monday, 27 July 2020


Innovative Trends for North London Area Wood Floors

Casual observers might think that the area of hardwood flooring installation is a fairly unexciting and unchanging world. However, our business is subject to trends, just like any other.

So what are all the"hot trends" in the hardwood flooring industry for 2020?

1. Deep brown and ebony colors are IN.

Dark hardwood flooring obviously look visually attractive, but traditionally they can be difficult to maintain, because they're easier to scratch, and oils out of critters or bare feet can show up on the flooring. So more maintenance is necessary. However, more and more people seem to believe that the extra care would be worth the benefits. The ironically named"white oak" is a wonderful dark wood. A technique referred to as"water popping" can also be used to get the"dark wood" look.

2. Red-orange is outgold and; is IN.

Perhaps it's the influence of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but hardwood floor owners are going gaga for gold and shying away from the autumnal colors, such as amber, orange and red. Why? Industry watchers suspect the trend reflects a desire for simplicity of decorating. It's just easier to pair brown and gold flooring with furniture than it would be to pair up red and orange floors -- leaving less opportunity for clashing.

3. Pre-finished flooring aren't as popular --"finished on site" is the New Black.

Pre-finished hardwood floors have a great deal going for them easier installation, for example -- but they could lack some personality and fall short, aesthetically. Finished on site floors generally offer better sealing, smoothness, and ease compared to do bevel-edged pre-finished hardwoods.

4. Hardwoods > tile for kitchens.

Hardwood flooring in kitchens? Shouldn't you elect for tile or linoleum or some other"practical" material? The truth is that anti-staining technology has made hardwood floors a fantastic choice for many North London Area kitchens.

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