Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Grey-White Wood Flooring Trends to Explore

Wood flooring is one of the best flooring selections for home designers globally. There are so many colours and textures and patterns that may be utilized in such a way that no two floors are the exact same. In the daring statement of hardwood walnut into the cool and serene of grey-white hardwood flooring, every style can communicate the message you want your house to express. With a lot of intricate design patterns for your slats, your house is sure to be just one of a kind whatsoever.

A Modern Look

Grey-white wood flooring specifically is a very popular design option when decorating contemporary flats and houses. It creates a feeling of'now' that goes away, without veering too far into a futuristic aesthetic. This manner of flooring is usually coupled with stainless steel and white furniture and dark stone patterns on countertops or cabinet accents. The other colours create a comparison while there's a sense of sleekness into the timber that brings about a look in the home that's straight out of a magazine.

Among the best elements of grey flooring is that the incorporation of special installation routines. Herringbone flooring is a great way to add that additional design element to your home and coupling that with grey flooring can give a house that extra pop. You have unlimited potential with herringbone patterns to create a house that is truly unique to you. It's the house of the contemporary artist, the businessman that gets his successful drive from imagination, the fashion designer who knows the importance of style. Grey flooring gives the feel that nothing can hold you back or prevent you from becoming the best you possible.

In general, grey-white floors are the way to go for a contemporary design appearance that's unforgettable. With the aesthetic that grey-white floorboards bring into a house, and the statement it makes, you're certain to be quite happy with your selection. There are so many alternatives for how to incorporate a grey-white floor into your home that the limits are up to your imagination for what you want to achieve. From all the complex design patterns into the detail of the timber slats themselves, you may create an atmosphere that's simply breath-taking.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


You may be forgiven for thinking you'll need to tear it up and start again if your hardwood flooring has bowed or buckled. While they may be a true nightmare, you'll be happy to know they are easily fixed when caught in time. From sub-par setup to bad floor prep, we'll look at a few reasons why your wooden floor might bow and how it is possible to remedy the circumstance.


Frequently the most typical reason for a bowed floor is that there is excess moisture coming from someplace! Either from a flow of water, such as a flood, burst pipe, very large relative humidity, poor ventilation and inadequate heating etc.. .or if the sub-floor had not been prepared and permitted to dry out sufficiently prior to the floors being installed, even though this can be avoided by employing a liquid membrane before installation.


We know that folks like work done as inexpensive as you can, but often it can come back to bite you. By obtaining some mates to install the floors or a inexpensive fitter, they could occasionally to neglect to leave an adequate gap to the wood to expand into or cut door frames etc to allow the floors to enlarge if necessary. The old adage"buy cheap, buy twice" and"pay peanuts get monkeys" is most often the case.


Every time a wooden floor is interlocked, every plank will expand depending upon the humidity of
the room, meaning that if there were 60 rows of flooring in a space and each row expanded during the course of the day by 0.5mm the entire floor would potentially enlarge by 30mm based on the floor kind. Obviously you can't always leave a 30mm gap on your floors that's why it's important to think about expansion rates in combination with humidity and heat.


If you've noticed your floor is showing signs of bowing, it's important to identify where the floor is butting from the perimeter and it is occurring. Measuring the room's humidity and buying a dehumidifier if the air is too moist can be an easy and cost-effective short term solution, if the reason is just the time of year.

Whether there are small bows, a repair can be relatively easy as all you possibly have to do is wet the area and set a heavy item on the bow. When it is a large one then you will need to rip up the board and then replace them. When"cupping" has occurred, this may be sanded out, even if not overly bad, however, the flip side of this, is the flooring could"crown" at a later point, due to the planks being thinner at the edges when compared with the center, which is the lowest aspect of the bow and consequently does not get sanded just as much.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


If you are considering redesigning your couch, or are just searching for ideas to freshen up your living space, then why not consider installing a brand new hardwood floor. Altering a rooms floor may be the secret to pulling together the complete look and offers a specific type of ambiance through a fashion that's all of your own.

In this blog posting, we'll discuss how hardwood flooring can revitalise your lounge.

Kinds of WOOD

There are many varieties of timber which can be used to make hardwood flooring, letting you decide on a wood which fits your existing design and design, or can help build the foundations for a complete revamp of your own sofa.

Or a Floor Sanding North London matches nicely with creamy and light coloured rooms and offers cosy comfy feel.


The grain and structure of hardwood floors provide striking colors and deep feel. There's a great range of distinct colors which could suit everyone's tastes. Whichever wood you select, it will end up warmer and warmer was era. You can also pick a variety of oiled, lacquered and waxed finishes that can offer you the ideal appearance to fit the dimensions, light comparison and furniture of your living space.


Even though a long lifespan doesn't automatically shout a revitalised room, the simple fact that wood is a natural living substance signifies its develops with age. As the decades roll on, the wood becomes more beautiful as its colours develop and become wealthier. Hardwood floors are also quite durable, with their lifespan lasting decades.

Looking after your hardwood is also quite easy, it requires very little upkeep with a weekly sweep more than suffice.


Hardwood floors are one of the earliest kinds of flooring. They've been a popular choice for craftsmen over the centuries, because of their sturdy arrangement and appealing character. They've always been fashionable within the house, as they can be paired with many different distinct styles -- especially in the winter months where carpets can associate wood to offer a really cosy feel.

They're also quite versatile, and distinct types may be used around the house.

If you would like to discover more about the wood floors can operate in your home, take a look our forms of hardwood floors on offer.

Also very simple, it requires very little maintenance using a weekly sweep over suffice.

Thursday, 1 November 2018


Flooring is a vital part of your home. The right design and pattern of your flooring creates a favourable impression on almost any visitor or guest. Floors can thus reflect the great thing about the whole house. Wooden flooring is preferred by customers so as to present an elegant and aesthetic look to their homes. Wood is among the most beautiful natural substances and wooden flooring won't ever go out of fashion or need. Hardwood floors is generally favored by clients because of the durable nature and attractive styles and distinct patterns.

Why hardwood floors?

It may tolerate any sort of impact. The resale value of the house increases due to hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be available in many different price ranges and variations.

Clean your hardwood flooring regularly:

The color of the hardwood flooring will fade if not maintained or cleaned regularly.

Staining the floor ought to be avoided. Usage of strong cleansing agents might cause the color of the flooring to fade. Hardwood flooring should be cleaned regularly using gentle cleaning agents acceptable for cleaning timber.

Customers can also seek the assistance of experts to wash out the hardwood flooring. Thus, routine maintenance and care will stop your hardwood flooring from appearing dull or drab.

Friday, 19 October 2018


Hardwood flooring is becoming ever more well known in today's home. The new kinds of floors are becoming more popular as homeowners visit them as stylish and sophisticated. Gone will be the days when timber was limited to furniture just, now wood is utilized to fabricate durable and long-lasting flooring also.

Engineered hardwood floors:

Engineered hardwood flooring consists of layers of wood. Hardwood floors look like solid wood floors since they are covered with a good strip of timber. They're available as finished and unfinished wood and are incredibly durable and being reasonably priced.

Solid hardwood floors:

These hardwood flooring are very popular and employed in many modern homes. They are exceptionally durable and easy to install. However you need to install the wooden flooring properly to prevent any cosmetic damage. They can be found in pre-finished and unfinished forms. They make your home look attractive and appealing.

Acrylic-impregnated hardwood floors:

They are made out of hardwoods injected with stains and sealants. It is widely used in private structures because of its high durability.

These are the different types of hardwood floors that you can install in your houses to provide it a stylish and modern look.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Hardwood flooring looks amazing when it's been laid professionally and it has been preserved properly. Even though you may think that laying hardwood floors is something that you could try yourself, it is actually very difficult and in most instances, it's wise to leave it the professionals to perform their work.

A hardwood floor specialist can give you all sorts of suggestions and guidance regarding hardwood flooring. They can tell you whether the timber that you have chosen is the most suitable for the room where it is going to be set up and they will also provide you advice and tips about maintaining the flooring once it's been completed.

Many people choose hardwood floors because it is simple and convenient to keep because you don't need to worry about mud staining the flooring just like it would on carpeting. Although you still have to mop up spills and fluids quickly in the event that you've had an accident, they won't create as much damage as they would if you'd carpet instead.

Hardwood floors can be brushed, mopped and vacuumed to be able to keep the flooring clean that is excellent when you have a growing family and not much time to spend on cleaning up.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


After recently spending your hard earned cash on new hardwood floors for your home, if one thing's for certain, it is that you'll want to keep your investment looking great for as long as possible, and this requires one to give it the care and attention that it deserves.

Looking after your flooring does not have to eat away at a massive amount of your time though, as hardwood floors is actually quite straightforward to care for - and this is part of the reason it's enjoying rising popularity with every passing day.

If your wooden flooring has been installed by a professional, they're very likely to have given you some advice and tips to followalong with and it is well worth pursuing these.

Generally, you need to ensure you only wash flooring with all the recommended products and flooring, and some other liquid spills should be dealt with swiftly with a slightly damp cloth so as to avoid any long term damage.

Protect any vulnerable regions of flooring with mats or particular felt protections. Investing in trendy mats may also help enhance the look of flooring and decor.

By providing your hardwood flooring the care and attention that it deserves, it is going to serve you well year after year.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


For hardwood flooring to stay at the exceptionally large degree it was when it was first fitted, this does take some effort and dedication. This is because, like any other kind of floor which is used frequently, dirt and dust can collect on it, in addition to the consequences of time also have an impact on its appearance.

To keep the floor looking really heavenly in your home, while it's installed from the bedroom, living area or kitchen, you'll need to be strict with yourself when it comes to the floor maintenance.

While cleaning is a task which could be carried out on a regular basis, should you notice that the floor has lost some of its initial shine and its glow has now diminished somewhat, it is most likely the ideal interval to consider having it buffed and then recoated.

This work could be carried out by the experts, or you can opt to execute this workout. For those that do settle on trying to bring the gorgeous finish back themselves, it is worth noting that this needs to be done properly for it to prove successful. Specific instructions will need to be followedclosely, which is exactly why a lot of men and women find it cost effective to leave this restoration job to the professionals.

Friday, 25 May 2018


If you are thinking about installing solid hardwood Floors in your House there are a Couple of considerations That You must bear in mind Prior to installation:
In some instances it Might Not Be a Good Idea to fit solid hardwood floors in areas such as:


Hardwood flooring can be installed in some conservatories, but checks must be made prior to installation the difference in temperatures between night and day and at various times of the year will not have a negative effect on the construction of the floor covering. Solid Hardwood flooring will expand and contract in different temperature and humidity conditions, we'd recommend using engineered hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.


Solid Hardwood flooring shouldn't be installed in a bathroom because of the damp atmosphere. If water penetrates the wood surface that the ground may swell or perhaps split. There are options that can be used in these kinds of rooms which still provide you the exact same visual effect of pure wood such as engineered hardwood flooring.

Near heat sources

In case you've got underfloor heating you need to use a type of wooden flooring that's compatible with the anticipated change in temperature. Engineered wood flooring is generally more stable than solid hardwood floors in all situations. If you are installing solid wood flooring over heating or adjacent to other heat sources you should also remember that the fluctuations in heat can have an influence on the dimensional stability of the floor substrate.

If you're unsure it's well worth asking our hardwood flooring fitting experts.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Made with cats and dogs in mind.

Pets can be rough on hardwood flooring, but hardwood floors may be just as rough on pets. Anyone that has seen a dog slipping and sliding around on a hardwood floor knows what we are talking about. Fortunately, as long as you go with pet-friendly hardwood flooring, both your floors and your pets will have an easier time.

If people ask us about pet-friendly hardwood flooring, we typically recommend hand scraped fashions. This particular flooring option has a distinct surface texture which hides the appearance of scratches and scratches. And because it's this feel, it makes it a lot easier for four-legged buddies to find some purchase as they move dashing round the house.

Handscraped flooring has its name from a technique employed in its creation. In order to smooth down the timber, a knife was pulled across its surface. When done properly, this would produce an even surface but also leave distinctive scrape marks. Now this technique is typically done using a
machine, but some hand-crafted designs are still accessible.

Warm and Rustic
Along with being pet-friendly hardwood floors, hand scraped flooring is prized for its warm, rustic quality that it lends to the house.

Handscraped and Distressed Flooring are distinct! Tweet This

Distressed flooring typically looks more worn down, which is a great look but doesn't supply the same pet-friendly benefits.

If you're considering a home flooring renovation and you have pets, then strongly consider going with pet-friendly hardwood floors. The features which make it good for pets also mean that additional scratches and scrapes will not be so apparent. This helps your house to look better for more and saves you the price and hassle of the refinishing process.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Bathroom Restorations Every Homeowner Should Consider

Updating the tile
Tile is the most extreme change you can make to your bathroom and for good reason; tile requires up a fantastic bulk of wall mounted and floor space.

Tile Trends right now -

Mosaic tile -

Mosaic tile is the perfect way to bring an accent or decorative feature to your toilet. But don't just use mosaics for coats! Mosaic tile is amazing as a ground or shower body tile. With so many styles, shapes and colors of mosaic tile, you will make certain to find one that you adore.

Wrapping mosaics round the bathtub -

Tiling around the bathtub can be a great way to add a few decorative touches or a great pop of color; not to mention it's water-resistant attributes are also a bonus.

Geometric Tile -

Geometric shapes are all the rave right now in home decoration. From carpeting patterns to furniture fabric, it's about geometrics. It is no surprise that this has overlapped to the world of tile! If you'd like a show stopping, dialog starting type of tile- go geometric.

Arabesque Tile and Trellis tile -

These two styles of tile are fairly similar. This tile is stunning. They come in so many styles, from glass to porcelain to metallic. This tile is a show stopper. This tile is quite versatile too and we can easily see this manner of tile being as timeless as subway tile.

Subway tile -

Classic and tasteful, this tile simply does not go out of fashion. Many clients are choosing this type bathroom look of this white subway tile with the black boundaries with a modern flair. If you want to add some significant pizzazz to your subway tile, then consider installing it in a herringbone pattern (another classic which never seems to really go out of fashion).

3D Tile / Texture Tile -

If you want tile that on the outer edge, 3D tile can it be. This tile is equally great as a backsplash, shower body, or accent wall.

Onyx, Amethyst, Agate, even if you want a tile that can take your guests' breath away, this is it. The beauty of this tile is the fact that it's amazing as a countertop too!

Mosaic Tile
Mosaic Tile
Geometric Tile
Arabesque Tile
Textured Tile
Semi-precious Stone Tile
Shifting the dressing table

A brand new vanity may tie in all. When considering a new vanity, think of what purpose is it will serve. By way of instance, do you need lots of storage space? If that's the case, you'll want a dressing table with plenty a drawers and good counter space. And on the subject of counter space, do you wish to forfeit counter area for a double sink? Or is your toilet a more compact space? We can help you look at and discuss some types of vanities and what's going to work best for you.

If your bathroom is on the smaller side but you need the counter and storage space, think about an open concept vanity(like pictured below), and using storage baskets/bins to keep things and decorate the dressing table. This will make your space feel more spacious instead of employing a milder vanity set that may enclose the space.

Floating Vanity / Wall Mounted Vanity -

Increasing in popularity, floating vanities are a great choice from both a storage and design concept. With several different sizes and storage options, you will make certain to find one that optimizes your area and overall need. Many have drawers for storage while some don't, but because they're floating, you can utilize that vacant space with storage bins all of the while keeping the room open.

Pedestal sinks -

These sinks are beautiful although completely lack in any kind of storage and counter space. However, with that being said, can allow enough room for a small cupboard near the proximity of the sink. Granite countertops are a great way to add that vintage feel with a contemporary flair.

Often times, the medication cabinet is going to have a double purpose as bathroom mirror. Mirrors have the capability of making a space feel bigger. If square footage is lacking in your bathroom, choose a mirror which will help make the space feel larger. Do not be scared to put in a full wall mounted mirror. If storage if your main priority, then standing chimney might be the ideal option.

Toilets have come a very long way in the last few decades. Many manufactures have upgraded their toilet layouts. More so than designs, newer toilets have water saving capacities. There are a few different flush options as well. Nothing screams "Beautiful, clean bathroom" like a brand-new sparkling toilet.

With all these options and styles, picking the best one is quite personalized.
Single handle faucet controllers are extremely common. They're extremely simple to use as you handle control the hot and cold water.

Double Manage (Two handle) Faucets controls. For shower bodies, single handle controls are more
popular. But for bathroom sinks, the double handle remains leading in popularity. But you can use which ever you need for the shower and sink.

Shower heads. You are able to choose a waterfall shower head, or a extendable shower head, an LED light shower head, a dual, triple or quadruple shower head! You can pick round or square shaped. There are literally many different alternatives.

The ideal thing to do to restrict your choice is figure out what you wish to invest and what you need the shower head for. Do you have pets which you need to clean and thus need an extendable shower thoughts? Do you want the laps of luxury with a waterfall shower head? We can help you decide what is most practical and you can check out your neighborhood hardware shop to choose the very best faucet and shower head to your needs.

We do indicate fitting the shower and sink taps and controls finish. Meaning, if you have a stainless steel sink faucet, it is a good idea to have stainless steel shower and tub faucets to compliment one another.

Bathroom lighting is all about! Light fittings are extremely important. Ensure you choose a fixture which compliments your layout idea. It is a fantastic idea to put some thought in to light. One thing to think about is how much natural light your toilet already receives and go from there.

Shower Doors
Installing a glass shower door and getting rid of this old shower curtain- A glass shower door may be a fantastic addition to any bathroom. Not only does it keep water where you want it better than a curtain, but it might add a more luxurious look to your toilet as well.

Independent Walk-In Tub and Shower
If you've got the square footage, then consider installing another shower stall, and updating your bathtub. Free standing baths are extremely fashionable.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


There are several simple things you can do in order to reduce damage to your lovely flooring. Our special
installers will likely show you the fundamentals before they leave your house.

Guard your floor by the furniture. Place felt pads under all of your furniture. If there are castors on some furniture, pick the kind that are "hardwood-friendly." Consult our flooring professionals in case you're unsure.

The dirt and grit you monitor from outside can damage your floors. Tracking dirt throughout the floor is practically exactly like rubbing sandpaper throughout the ground.

Avoid that by placing doormats or rugs wherever you enter your home from the exterior. And remember what your mother told you. Scrub your feet when you come inside.

Spills can harm your floors, too. You'll never prevent spills, but you can prevent some of the damage they can cause by putting rugs in the kitchen or other areas where spills are likely. When they do occur, clean them up quickly and totally.

The temperature must be between 20 and 24 degrees C with humidity between 40 and 60 percent. Shield your floor from solid light.


Monday, 8 January 2018

Renewed flooring!

The spirit of innovation and concern for the environment that has been driving us for more than 35 years is today constantly pushing us to innovate and seek even more eco-smart methods. Our philosophy is simple: to highlight the beauty and richness of wood while fully respecting our forests, by using healthy and ecological processes that ensure the health of those who walk on our hardwood floors. Floor Sanding North London, always first to serve you better!