Wednesday, 24 July 2019


Wood flooring are an extremely common flooring option. They provide a natural beauty to the room, along with durability and strength. However, what turns some people away from wood floors is the care they need. They get scratched, gouged, and stained, which is devastating to your homeowner who only spent hard-earned cash on them. However, here are some hacks that can enable you to maintain your flooring looking great, and shield them from future calamities.

1. You're used to smoothing out your clothes with iron. Are you aware that you can use it to smooth out your floors, also? Place a wet cloth over any dents, and use an iron to flatten the space out. This can work for wood furniture as well. Don't forget to test on a sample .

2. You might wear socks around the house to protect your toes, but they can also be employed to protect your floor. Put socks on the legs of chairs and tables when you are transferring them around so that they don't scratch the floor when you have to slip them.

3. Toothpaste may get out common injuries like permanent markers. Put a little on a moist cloth and use some elbow grease to remove marks. A magic eraser can also remove scuffs on the ground.

4. If you have hardwood floors, then baby powder may be able to assist. Dust them with powder, which will enter the cracks. This may fill the spaces between the boards and stop them from being creaky.

5.Do you've got scratches on your floors? A little bit of canola oil may get help to lessen their visibility.

6. People are always looking for homemade cleaning options which avoid harsh chemicals. In a pinch attempt black tea for a floor cleaner. It is always suggested to use an approved flooring cleaner for long-term protection.

Do not be terrified of getting wood floors. Take advantage of these hacks to keep them looking amazing at all times. Remember to always follow manufacturer guidelines for keeping your hardwood floors. If in doubt, seek out the help of a professional.