Thursday, 16 April 2020


Wood flooring are a very attractive floor covering. So many houses and business elect to have this as their preferred floor kind. Why is this? They are warmer underfoot than stone tiles and they can weather better than carpet. There is an additional advantage that wooden flooring may also be sanded as it has to do with the time that it starts to look dull.

It may also be true that your hardwood flooring has been damaged. We've formulated comprehensive floor sanding services that provide a quick and efficient provision to breathe fresh life into your hardwood flooring.

Floor Sanding Procedure

After we've finished the questionnaire on your floors and arrange a date for the job to begin we'll talk about any preparation that's necessary.

We constantly ask that smaller things in the area have been eliminated before our arrival. We realise it may at times be harder to maneuver larger items such as sideboards and suites, thus we'll always help wherever possible. All boards are assessed to make sure they are fixed suitably, and any potential protruding nails are all dealt with.

This preparation allows us to be efficient with our time. The room is then ready entirely. This may mean that kickboards are eliminated (if restoring a kitchen floor) or that fireplace surrounds are shielded with sheeting. Each job is approached in a single manner to ensure that the environment are kept safe throughout the floor renovation procedure .

Our industrial sanding machines provides a brilliant finish and is dust free. Our assortment of machinery works to remove the top layers of the damaged wooden boards. Once removed, a fresh surface is shown. This surface is then treated with highest-grade wood floor products.

Do you have questions regarding the products that people use and the way you're best to pick the ideal wood complete for you personally? Call now on 020 3369 0825 to learn more and to arrange your free survey.