Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Hand-scraped wood floors add personality to your family room, dining area, entry way, and bedrooms. It produces a sense of warmth in almost any area of the house and presents several distinct benefits customers won't find with standard wood floor textures. Let's figure out the advantages to find out if this is something that will age nicely.

Unique Look 

The two hand-scraped and distressed wood floors create an old-world feeling in your home. The distressed plank feel adds yet another dimension of personality to your timber. Scraped floors offer you an authentic rustic look and feel.

This sort of feel also allows for more visual attention across a broad area. Give your living room optimum style and character with boards that offer a one-of-a-kind perspective.

The uneven surface on this type of floor also changes appearance with different light levels. Enjoy the colors and shadows generated by the morning sunshine and appreciate how your floor mellows in appearance as light changes throughout the day. The abilities of trained craftsmen let timber's natural beauty to shine through constantly.

Extended Durability

This type of wood flooring is perfect for homes with pets and small children and at almost any high traffic area. Small marks, scratches, and dents hide readily inside the varied scrapes, making normal tear and wear much less stressful.

While smooth flooring may show scratches and dents. Your hand-scraped hardwood will appear equally as good year after year, with small markers mixing in and enhancing the original finish.

Utilize floor pads and area rugs to extend the life of your wood floors, but shrug away the stress that
small defects and accidents may ruin the beauty of your new wood flooring.

Lower Maintenance Needs

Experts agree that keeping hard surface floors clean is easier than keeping carpets clean. Dust can be thoroughly eliminated with minimum effort and spills are quickly wiped up, whether you decide on solid hardwood, engineered wood, or luxury vinyl tile. The various kinds of hard surface floors also have different maintenance levels. Hand-scraped and distressed wood floors come out close to the top in this contrast.

Rough finishes conceal dust and small debris, like pet hair, sand, and small dirt particles, allowing you to sweep less frequently. The grooves stay fairly shallow as well, making it easy to sweep the floor clean.

Think about the unique appearance, extended durability and reduced maintenance needs of hand-scraped wood flooring when you're thinking about the choices. Costs vary depending on the timber species, however the character and beauty of hand-scraped fashions are priceless.