Tuesday, 29 May 2018


For hardwood flooring to stay at the exceptionally large degree it was when it was first fitted, this does take some effort and dedication. This is because, like any other kind of floor which is used frequently, dirt and dust can collect on it, in addition to the consequences of time also have an impact on its appearance.

To keep the floor looking really heavenly in your home, while it's installed from the bedroom, living area or kitchen, you'll need to be strict with yourself when it comes to the floor maintenance.

While cleaning is a task which could be carried out on a regular basis, should you notice that the floor has lost some of its initial shine and its glow has now diminished somewhat, it is most likely the ideal interval to consider having it buffed and then recoated.

This work could be carried out by the experts, or you can opt to execute this workout. For those that do settle on trying to bring the gorgeous finish back themselves, it is worth noting that this needs to be done properly for it to prove successful. Specific instructions will need to be followedclosely, which is exactly why a lot of men and women find it cost effective to leave this restoration job to the professionals.

Friday, 25 May 2018


If you are thinking about installing solid hardwood Floors in your House there are a Couple of considerations That You must bear in mind Prior to installation:
In some instances it Might Not Be a Good Idea to fit solid hardwood floors in areas such as:


Hardwood flooring can be installed in some conservatories, but checks must be made prior to installation the difference in temperatures between night and day and at various times of the year will not have a negative effect on the construction of the floor covering. Solid Hardwood flooring will expand and contract in different temperature and humidity conditions, we'd recommend using engineered hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.


Solid Hardwood flooring shouldn't be installed in a bathroom because of the damp atmosphere. If water penetrates the wood surface that the ground may swell or perhaps split. There are options that can be used in these kinds of rooms which still provide you the exact same visual effect of pure wood such as engineered hardwood flooring.

Near heat sources

In case you've got underfloor heating you need to use a type of wooden flooring that's compatible with the anticipated change in temperature. Engineered wood flooring is generally more stable than solid hardwood floors in all situations. If you are installing solid wood flooring over heating or adjacent to other heat sources you should also remember that the fluctuations in heat can have an influence on the dimensional stability of the floor substrate.

If you're unsure it's well worth asking our hardwood flooring fitting experts.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Made with cats and dogs in mind.

Pets can be rough on hardwood flooring, but hardwood floors may be just as rough on pets. Anyone that has seen a dog slipping and sliding around on a hardwood floor knows what we are talking about. Fortunately, as long as you go with pet-friendly hardwood flooring, both your floors and your pets will have an easier time.

If people ask us about pet-friendly hardwood flooring, we typically recommend hand scraped fashions. This particular flooring option has a distinct surface texture which hides the appearance of scratches and scratches. And because it's this feel, it makes it a lot easier for four-legged buddies to find some purchase as they move dashing round the house.

Handscraped flooring has its name from a technique employed in its creation. In order to smooth down the timber, a knife was pulled across its surface. When done properly, this would produce an even surface but also leave distinctive scrape marks. Now this technique is typically done using a
machine, but some hand-crafted designs are still accessible.

Warm and Rustic
Along with being pet-friendly hardwood floors, hand scraped flooring is prized for its warm, rustic quality that it lends to the house.

Handscraped and Distressed Flooring are distinct! Tweet This

Distressed flooring typically looks more worn down, which is a great look but doesn't supply the same pet-friendly benefits.

If you're considering a home flooring renovation and you have pets, then strongly consider going with pet-friendly hardwood floors. The features which make it good for pets also mean that additional scratches and scrapes will not be so apparent. This helps your house to look better for more and saves you the price and hassle of the refinishing process.