Wednesday, 14 March 2018


There are several simple things you can do in order to reduce damage to your lovely flooring. Our special
installers will likely show you the fundamentals before they leave your house.

Guard your floor by the furniture. Place felt pads under all of your furniture. If there are castors on some furniture, pick the kind that are "hardwood-friendly." Consult our flooring professionals in case you're unsure.

The dirt and grit you monitor from outside can damage your floors. Tracking dirt throughout the floor is practically exactly like rubbing sandpaper throughout the ground.

Avoid that by placing doormats or rugs wherever you enter your home from the exterior. And remember what your mother told you. Scrub your feet when you come inside.

Spills can harm your floors, too. You'll never prevent spills, but you can prevent some of the damage they can cause by putting rugs in the kitchen or other areas where spills are likely. When they do occur, clean them up quickly and totally.

The temperature must be between 20 and 24 degrees C with humidity between 40 and 60 percent. Shield your floor from solid light.