Monday, 11 March 2019

Water Damage in Your Hardwood Flooring

Water is the deadly enemy of your hardwood floor. Since wood is a naturally porous material, water and moisture can seep in and cause all kinds of problems. Water damage can completely ruin that stunning hardwood of yours, so you need to be vigilant in preventing it! Here is some more info about preventing water damage on your hardwood flooring.

Prevention Now Means Its Costly Repairs Later On

The objective of the finish in your hardwood flooring is to protect it from all kinds of damage, such as dirt and water. The most durable flooring finishes aren't completely watertight, but maintaining your finish is your ideal way to keep water off the timber. Use carpets to protect the finish in high traffic areas. It's also wise to make sure you're cleaning your hardwood regularly with a hardwood floor cleaner, like Bona, and microfiber mop.

Identifying Water Damage

Water damage in hardwood flooring happens over time. That's why all spills must be cleaned up immediately after they happen. The longer the water stays on the wood, the more ruined it gets. Cupping and crowning of these boards are a couple of the earliest indications. You could also observe a little hump as the water is absorbed into the timber. Another indication of water damage is dark staining around the edges of the planks, but this typically only happens when there's a consistent source of water.

Hardwood Flooring Sanding and Maintenance from Floor Sanding North London

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