Wednesday, 26 October 2016

North London Wooden Floor Masters


Every floor renovation depends on the foot traffic it takes , the place the floor is in, and how old is it, when we are speaking about floors with a specific purpose like dancing , the things are changing a lot in this case. Doesn't really matter what type of wood your floor is made of, here is important how often there are events , parties and maybe weddings on these floors. Foot traffic is one of the hardest things that floors must be dealing with, and this is way it is important for you to keep their condition prime and one of the ways to do this is sanding. Sanding will remove the old stains from the shoes and drinks and will protect your floor from a new ones. Sanding is giving your floors long lasting and it is effecting so great on theirs functions. If you are planning to make a lot of parties -try sanding!
Our experts work 24/7 when your floors are in need of restoration! Contact us !

Monday, 17 October 2016

Modern design - old flooring?

You home is looking wonderful with these new chairs or else, but still there is something missing in the atmosphere . As you see this floor before sanding ( on the picture) this is an example how there are details visible for the experts that sometimes you are missing in your home interior, in this case this is the floor. As an experienced company we have seen many results before and after and we know very well how transforming is this process for your environment. We are getting a lots of pictures from our clients and some of them are visible on our website gallery , in order to see how good your floors may look you can check there. 
We have some updates on our prises because we think autumn is a great time for sanding, so contact us by e-mail or on our free phones any time your floors need an attention !

North London Wooden Floor Experts

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Office or home in need of renovation?

Restoring your existing wooden floors is so much better than removing them with new ones which are far away from their quality. Your old wooden floors have more character, patina and authentic look  than modern machine boards these days. Keeping the original surface you are improving your home environment with this natural material but for full renovation sanding will completely restore it's old shine and the results are visible right away!  
Home,office,bar,balcony- no matter where your floors are or what is their condition- we have the solution every time ! Contact us !

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sanding need to be made with attention to each detail and this is way our experts are the best in this services, also we still improving with every new project we made and we are happy to see so many clients satisfied for all these years. We are spending time, quality materials and a lot of hard work in order to bring best results.
Wooden floors at  home are creating atmosphere which is hard to describe, they are perfect match in house or apartment, or even office or other are which need to be more welcoming and this is not their only but one of their uncountable skills. Let our company take care of your floors and you will see the differse immediately you enter your room back!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

We would like to share couple of things that are expecting you on our website today !

- You can book a consultation for FREE with some of our friendly experts

- You can call us any time, because we work even weekends

- You would like to know that we  work with new  machines with 99% dust free sanding

- Our upgraded techniques are already showing great results, which is visible at our gallery

- You can get a free sanding quote from our webpage now