Monday, 26 July 2021


What do you think is the most important investment you have made? It is the home which the majority of Americans consider their largest investment. So, any improvements to a home must add value. It will pay off over time when you decide to sell your home. Hardwood flooring is an excellent way to boost your home's value. How can we verify this? The National Wood Floor Association, which North London Floor Sanding This is a group I am a member of. It recently conducted a poll on real estate agents across the country. It's worth a look!

99 percent of people believe that hardwood Flooring is Easier To Sell

If asked if houses with hardwood flooring are easier to sell, 99% of those surveyed answered yes. What is the reason for this? According to NWFA, this is because the buyer of today has higher expectations. Flooring made of hardwood is more popular than it was in the past in the past, when it was expensive and was considered to be a luxury product.

82% of Agreed Homes that have Hardwood Flooring sell faster than homes that do not have hardwood flooring.

When a particular component of a house, such as hardwood flooring, helps to sell the home faster, then it adds value to the home overall. 82 percent of real estate agents agree that hardwood flooring helps to sell a home faster than those without. In addition that homes that sell more quickly yield more profit for their sellers.

90 percent of homes with hardwood Flooring are sold for more money

90% of real estate agents believe that homes with hardwood floors sell faster and for more money. 88 percent of these agents believe that hardwood flooring can enhance the value of a home by 1% to 10 percent. NWFA utilized an example of a $242,300 home to illustrate this. If a homeowner spent $10,000 on hardwood flooring with an increase of 10% this home could potentially sell for $266,530.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021


If you choose to keep your hardwood flooring installation through for your kitchen, you might be asking yourself how to protect your investment in a room that's highly trafficked and often synonymous with plain water (the natural enemy of your glorious hardwoods). Below are some easy tips for protecting your hardwoods in the kitchen!


There are several"high-risk" areas in your kitchen that need a little additional protection. Look around your kitchen and note any these places -- ordinary places are in the front of the dishwasher, sink, and under any pet bowls. A well-placed rug may go a very long way in protecting your investment. Be sure to select the right rug backing which won't discolor or trap moisture onto your flooring' surface.

There are various sorts of area rug pads to choose from offered in a variety of materials, depth, density, weight, sizes, shapes, and quality. To reduce damage to your flooring, the mat shouldn't include any glues, adhesives, plastics, plastics, or PVC as these can stain or stick to the floor . The greater density and weight of this pad, the more protection from denting caused by the furniture weight pushing through the region rug. Our recommendation for the most suitable rug pad on hardwood flooring is 100% natural sensed, 100% natural rubber, or a combo of both.


In case you have a kitchen island, you almost certainly have some bar stools to go for it! Be sure to place felt protectors on the bottom of the chairs to minimize scratches and scuffs. Non-abrasive, felt-backed products are best. Rubber or plastic backed products may trap moisture & discolor the floor.


Today's hardwood floors are quick and easy to keep. With a couple of low-cost cleaning tools and also a little preventative care, they are able to look beautiful for years to come. In addition to keeping a stable environment, your hardwood flooring ought to be cleaned regularly. Simply sweep, dust mop or vacuum to eliminate the dirt & grit that comes with the hustle and bustle of daily life. In a busy kitchen, spills are bound to happen! When it is a splatter of brownie batter or a spilled glass of water, then quick clean-up is essential. If necessary, clean your floors using a wood floor cleaning product. Based on the sort of hardwood flooring you've got, cleaning instructions can vary. Remember, we do not recommend all-purpose cleaner as they can dull your floor's finish or make a fuzzy residue.

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Monday, 11 January 2021


Which timber flooring is greatest for dogs? Is man's best friend your wooden floor's worst enemy? Despite popular opinion, it isn't! There's a frequent misconception that dogs and wooden floors don't mix, but at North London Floor Sanding, we think that having a heartfelt buddy shouldn't get in the way of you and the wooden floor of your dreams.

Recent statistics show that more than a quarter of UK households own a puppy and we think there is no reason for all the dog lovers out there to miss out on getting the high-end look they want with high quality hardwood floors. There are lots of suitable possibilities for pet owners that are worried about their own floorboards getting damaged by their excitable pets. Of course, there are a few kinds of wooden flooring that are more dog-friendly compared to others.



The two Douglas Fir and Pine may make a gorgeous foundation for your inside, but equally are naturally warmer forests, which makes them unsuitable in a puppy owner's house. If it comes to the most appropriate species, we'd advocate hardwoods like Oak, European Ash, and Dutch Elm.


A textured or distressed flooring will make any scratches less noticeable. We recommend our Sawn & Brushed Collection These boards have been ring sawn throughout the width of the wood and wire brushed to supply a rustic, tactile finish that will hide scratches well.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Cottage Style Wood Flooring For Cosy Interiors

Cottage style wood flooring is every bit as well known in the likes of apartments and contemporary houses since it's in older cottages themselves. If folks think cottage styles they have a tendency to think of small rooms with lots of chintzy furniture and plenty of bric-a-brac, but cosy, cottage style interiors needn't be like that.

Winter is a time of year once we spend a great deal more time indoors than we do at other times also it is good to know that our house is waiting to welcome us after a hard day's work.

Therefore, in the event that you want to create a comfy inside with this winter, a great place to begin is by installing a cabin style wood floor. This sort of flooring solution gives a great background for large comfy seating, plenty of leads and rugs, and if you're lucky a big log fire. Believe Swiss chalet design or an eclectic mix of casual and soothing pieces mixed together and you'll get the idea. Let yourself drift into a large comfy armchair, enrobed in a cashmere throw with your toes snuggling on a sheepskin rug; a warming hot chocolate along with your favourite book in hand and you are there - heaven!

Cosy interiors can either be a little eclectic or they may be elegant; the decision is yours, but one thing is for certain, getting the flooring directly gives you a great leg-up to achieve a superb outcome. There are various choices that work very well when it comes to cottage style wood floors, but here are our North London Floor Sanding 3 Best Choices:

Rustic solid oak. We now have a superb solid rustic oak floor in stock that's known as Country Vintage. It's been UV oiled and comes in a choice of thicknesses (120 and 140mm). This solid bamboo flooring is just magnificent. And as you would imagine, being strong oak, it's a particularly robust feel to it. Albeit not suited to installing in kitchens or baths, for creating a comfy lounge, living room, dining room or bedroom with a cottage feel to it, you truly can not go wrong. A mild, classic pine colour, the rustic grade of the wood actually strengthens the relaxed, casual look you're keen to attain, and that's what makes this solution so inviting. Currently available with 70 percent OFF its original price, not only is this option great to look at, it won't break the bank . Blend this flooring with chintzy or plain linen furnishings and tons of scatter rugs and shouts and you'll feel as in the event that you've been transported into a 5-star boutique hotel deep in the countryside.

Friday, 13 November 2020

Red and White Oak Characteristics

As national hardwoods with over 200 subspecies, both white and red pine are popular options for hardwood floors in homes now. Red oak alone accounts for 50% of all hardwood flooring.

What makes bamboo popular is its workability with resources and its own simplicity with sanding and staining. It's often a choice for people who find a more expensive type of wood but can accomplish the same look through employing a wood stain or varnish.

Because of its grain and porous nature, red oak carries a blot very well. While white oak can also be stained, due to the tannins in the wood, it isn't advisable to use wood bleach or water-based stain. That is because it will cause the timber to discolor into a greenish or brown appearance.

The natural color of red oak is a slightly reddish tone with no serious difference between the heartwood and sapwood of the species. As it ages, it takes on a golden tone. White oak shows more defined colour between the heartwood and sapwood sections. The heartwood appears as a light brownish with a bit of a pink or light grey tint, while the sapwood gifts anywhere from a whitish to cream colour.

The variations in coloring at the heartwood and sapwood of each variety are influenced by the time of the tree as well as the environmental conditions under which it climbed.

Considering that the heartwood is the older portion of the tree it's often darker in stronger and appearance which helps it to become resistant to infection and rot.

Red oak is regarded as a benchmark for Janka evaluation, and it is a measurement system for flooring hardness. It comes in having a rating of 1290 for wood from trees grown and also 1060 for trees grown in the southern area. Floors that originates from white pine trees weighs in with a Janka rating of 1210. It is implied that the growing seasons play a part in the hardness of forests, but as you can see, the variation isn't important between the two types of flooring.

It's important to remember that when deciding on a hardwood floor, the Janka rating ought to be taken under consideration, but just as a comparison and not a final determinant. Because of the nature of wood, no matter the hardness, wood may still be scratched or dented. This evaluation system was devised to ascertain how much force is required a square inch to induce a steel ball with a diameter of 0.44″ into a piece of timber.

Monday, 27 July 2020


Innovative Trends for North London Area Wood Floors

Casual observers might think that the area of hardwood flooring installation is a fairly unexciting and unchanging world. However, our business is subject to trends, just like any other.

So what are all the"hot trends" in the hardwood flooring industry for 2020?

1. Deep brown and ebony colors are IN.

Dark hardwood flooring obviously look visually attractive, but traditionally they can be difficult to maintain, because they're easier to scratch, and oils out of critters or bare feet can show up on the flooring. So more maintenance is necessary. However, more and more people seem to believe that the extra care would be worth the benefits. The ironically named"white oak" is a wonderful dark wood. A technique referred to as"water popping" can also be used to get the"dark wood" look.

2. Red-orange is outgold and; is IN.

Perhaps it's the influence of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but hardwood floor owners are going gaga for gold and shying away from the autumnal colors, such as amber, orange and red. Why? Industry watchers suspect the trend reflects a desire for simplicity of decorating. It's just easier to pair brown and gold flooring with furniture than it would be to pair up red and orange floors -- leaving less opportunity for clashing.

3. Pre-finished flooring aren't as popular --"finished on site" is the New Black.

Pre-finished hardwood floors have a great deal going for them easier installation, for example -- but they could lack some personality and fall short, aesthetically. Finished on site floors generally offer better sealing, smoothness, and ease compared to do bevel-edged pre-finished hardwoods.

4. Hardwoods > tile for kitchens.

Hardwood flooring in kitchens? Shouldn't you elect for tile or linoleum or some other"practical" material? The truth is that anti-staining technology has made hardwood floors a fantastic choice for many North London Area kitchens.

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Is Brazillian Cherry Hardwood Right for Your North London Area Home?

Brazilian cherry hardwood is an exotic, stunning choice for your North London Area hardwood floors. Even the wood's very name conjures up images like sweet cherry ice cream, dark rich colors, the odor of the outdoors, etc.. The hardwood really is developed in a number of countries throughout Latin America, such as Nicaragua, Bolivia, Guatemala, Suriname, and Venezuela. When the wood is cut, it is black striped with a salmon reddish color -- yummy to gaze upon, even in its fresh stage. As it ages, the timber deepens into a thicker red. Manufacturers often expose the timber to direct sunlight for months to accelerate this aging procedure. If you're building a deck or other flooring from this timber, optimize the"color enhancement" possessions of this aging by utilizing an oil-based finish.

Brazilian Cherry is also extremely hard, therefore it's excellent for heavy usage regions, such as your kitchen floor or hallway or rec room. It's more than twice as hard as red oak and bamboo.

If you are shopping for timber, hunt for resin spots beneath the finish, which may indicate less desirable bits, in addition to white spots and silica debris, which can also indicate substandard product.
Cleaning up a Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is really easy: vacuum cleaner need be, and use a gentle solution of glass cleaner and warm water once a month to beautify and remove dirt and other debris.

Is the ideal wood for your project?

Many times, do-it-yourselfers from the North London Area get excited about specific tools or materials, and they hurry off to begin their project... just to find themselves over budget, behind schedule, and seriously frustrated weeks or months later.

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